Let us Manage your Technology
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  • Do you have the free time to manage your computer systems?

    At BL&S Technologies, LLC we specialize in keeping your systems online, all the time. We know this takes a great amount of time that most business owners simply don't have. Give us a call and let us structure a managed solution plan just for you. Let us take the I/T management headache out of your day.

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  • Problems with I/T Staffing ?

    If you are having problems with your current I/T staff and need some extra assistance. Or if you need a temporary replacement staffing for a short term transitions, let us know.

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  • Hardware or Software Problems?

    Hardware or Software conflicts? They are no problem. Whether you are upgrading your existing infrastructure or starting a brand new company, we have the trained staff to assist.

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  • Disaster Recovery? ....No Worries

    With one of our BL&S Technologies Disaster Recovery plans, you can relax in knowing that your systems will be fine if a disaster strikes. We will help you get setup to ensure that your organization is prepared should an event occur.

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  • Do you have a need for the Cloud?

    If you are considering stepping into the world of the cloud, let us know. We have extensive experiece working with cloud applications and we can make your transition easy. Let us help you navigate the way to an easy Cloud presence.

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  • Security and Firewall Management

    Rest easy knowing that BL&S Technologies is closely watching your firewall and network. Whether you need a one time install of a firewall or continuous monitoring, we can help.

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Are you thinking of making a Technology Change ?


The technology world is full of challenges, and most organizations today do not need the headache of managing the full breadth of their computer systems. Let us work with you so you can focus on your business. Leave the day to day problems of managing your technology to us.


If it is either a small change or a complete overhaul of your I/T infrastructure, we will work closely with you to ensure that your technology is moving in the right direction!

"We will help you get there."



Allow us to Monitor your Systems. Often we can resolve a problem before it becomes your headache.


There is no better way to reduce hardware costs and improve server operations that with Virtualization. This technology has changed the way the businesses manage and store information.

Disaster Recovery

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? There is no better time than "now" to get this in place. Get ahead of the game before disaster strikes. Your business depends on it!